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What Our Clients Have to Say

D Evans Consulting Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia has helped business professionals engaged in different industries, such as digital media, technical, and financial advisory services. Read what our satisfied clients have said about the services rendered by our founder and her team of professionals.

I had the pleasure of working with D Evans Consulting as they joined the PeopleSoft conversion team at North Well Health (formerly North Shore LIJ) where we converted two separate hospitals from their legacy HR systems onto the health systems PeopleSoft HCM environment. 

One of the key consultants performed in the role of Project Manager and was selected based on the focus on detail, payroll expertise and general work ethic. The project had started later than anticipated so we needed a resource that could hit the ground running, be a driving force to allow us to gain momentum and meet the extremely aggressive timeline for go-live. 

D Evans Consulting Inc., did not disappoint! They were persistent, thorough, organized and methodical with all responsibilities. They provided training and insight to the business teams, provided regular feedback, escalated items when necessary and ensured that all teams stayed focused on the priorities and objectives. 

Lastly, D Evans Consulting played a huge role in our internal audit process. Numerous documents related project management, issue tracking and testing and reconciliation was provided with endless hours in discussions with the auditors and provided updates and supporting information as requested. 

D Evans Consulting was a major component of our success!

- Rob McLaughlin, Senior Director and Infrastructure Project Management at MLBAM Advanced Media and

D Evans Consulting Inc. brought into TomorrowNow support group for their Canadian Payroll expertise. They quickly became a very valuable part of the team and were able to explain very complicated subjects to all levels of the team. D Evans Consulting Inc., worked hand and hand with developers and QA Test Team to ensure we had the Canadian tax updates correct for our clients. 

D Evans Consulting, set the standard for a Business Analysis at TomorrowNow. They were very professional and very caring for all our clients. They were also very innovated in creating a document that we could sent to our clients ahead of delivery schedule so they would know what to expect in the up and coming releases. 

D Evans Consulting was great to work with and would

- Kathy Freeman (Retired), Director of IT, TomorrowNow

D Evans Consulting Inc., joined our team and provided Canadian Business Analysis. They quickly translated their skills and know-how into improvements to our service in the Canadian arena. D Evans Consulting Inc., offered to assist us by taking on additional responsibility and took on other projects through completion. I am very thankful to have worked with the team from D Evans Consulting.

- Roderic Russell, Specialist Master (Manager) at Deloitte

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